Be the pilot of your Employer Brand!

Do you want to have an Employer Branding tool to monitor your actions at any time?

If YES, Niaouli is the Employer Brand tool you are looking for. Niaouli is a digital solution that enables you to analyze and understand your Employer Brand positioning and compare it to your sector. The power to monitor and pilot your HR actions to attract and retain talents is now possible!

Niaouli gives you a global analysis!

By combining online data and internal data, Niaouli gives you an full review of your Employer Brand. Thanks to its Employer Brand Score, you will now be able to position your company on the talent market.

Learn more about your candidate experience

Follow the evolution of your talents' loyalty

Flash surveys

In addition to the connection to your HRIS, Niaouli gives you the possibility to send a flash survey to your candidates, your employees and your executive team. You will have a global review of your Employer Brand: what is perceived externally, what is experienced internally and what is meant by the executive committee. Finally, Niaouli enables you to monitor your social indicator that will help you to retain your talents.

Our Employer Branding tool features

The 8 attributes of Niaouli to boost your HR attractiveness and loyalty:

Niaouli created a single tool, easy to use and to master. After several months of research and development, Niaouli designed 8 attributes to evaluate, analyze and monitor your Employer Brand. Our algorithm calculates all KPIs and gathers a global analysis that generates your Employer Brand Score. This score will provide you a simple and efficient tool to understand and evaluate your HR actions and their ROI.

Discover your Employer Brand Score


Niaouli evaluates the attractiveness of your company. To do so, 4 attributes are built: inspire, reputation, visibility and differentiation. Each of them highlights specific KPIs and brings you the opportunity to go into details and understand your global rating.






Niaouli Employer Branding Tool displays a second series of criteria to measure the talents' loyalty. Niaouli evaluates 4 attributes: engagement, consistency, readability et durability. Each attribute has a dedicated edge gathering specific indicators.





Our story

Behind Niaouli are hiding several years of Employer Branding skills. Margaux Raab, CEO and co-founder, and Hugo Avale, COO and co-founder, cumulate over 15 years of Employer Branding experience. Together, they founded an Employer Branding agency, neojobs, that guides numerous clients (Groupe MOM, Lynred, Vinci Energies, Devoteam…) on their HR attractiveness and loyalty stakes. Niaouli is born from a common willpower: to digitalize their expertise and enable all companies to have a transverse vision of your Employer Branding by creating the Google Analytics of the Employer Branding.

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